Second Child Syndrome

Learn to swim 1979

I wonder if it’s real? I don’t really think I suffer from it. But I do feel that my older brother was afforded more choices than the rest of us when we were kids.

Not to say I ever felt left out. Our parent supported us in what ever we wanted to do, where we could afford it. And more importantly I always felt loved as a child.

The image attached is from our local newspaper way back in 1979. You can click on the image to see the full-size version of it. You will note that a face is circled in the picture, that of my older brother Brian (who was 7 at the time). And given that this image has been kept in a family photo album since 1979 with the one face circled, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that Brian is the only member of our family in the photo.

Yep there I am, first row, second from the right, proud as punch to have my intermediate learn to swim certificate at the tender age of 5.

Learn to swim 1979

Of course I jest. While I am in the photo, this clipping was in a photo album dedicated to Brian so it makes sense for him to be circled. But then my photo album doesn’t have the same paper clipping in it with me circled. :P


  1. LOL no need to feel sad, I don’t. I guess my sarcasm didn’t quite make it through in the post. Even I didn’t realise until I picked it up this year that I wasn’t circled. Goes to show how often I’ve look at the book.

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