Long time between posts

I have a few posts sitting here, all as drafts, that I have started and never finished over the last month or so. If they ever see the light of day remains to be seen.

This post is in no way a list of resolutions, I’ve tried that before and they never work. It just happens to be the first post for the year and that’s why it gets the 2010 graphic.

We’ve been away for the last two weeks, spending time with family in Sydney. While we’d not planned on going to Sydney this year (or for Christmas 2009) my brother’s wedding was just yesterday and as we went to Sydney to attend the event we figured we’d go earlier and catch up with folks.

I’ll try and post more in 2010, but have a bit on for the next little while. The beginning of this year will basically entail

  • Organising surgery for my little problem.
  • Organising my passport for our trip to Fiji.
  • Organising our injections for our trip to Fiji.
  • Attending my sister’s wedding, in Fiji.
  • Becoming as much a vegetarian as I can (I won’t choose to eat meat anymore, bit won’t refuse it when it is prepared for me)
  • Hopefully, be working on a major project for work with a multinational company.
  • Complete some work I said I’d do for my volunteer work but have been dragging my heels on.
  • Write more, cause I miss doing it.
  • Become a little more fit and lose a chunk of weight. I’ve terrible fitness at the moment. Be lucky if I can climb the stairs at Etihad Stadium without breaking a sweat and thinking I might die.

And while I’ll attempt to make updates here you can see play-by-play updates on my Twitter feed.


  1. The main health issues which it is highly recommended you get vaccinated for includes:
    Apparently I can be vaccinated for the following (gender willing ie not Rubella):

    Hepatitis A
    Hepatitis B
    Tetanus, Pertussis, Diphtheria
    Measles, Mumps & Rubella

    Most of it I’m covered for. But will go check with the GP anyway.

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