Eating Out

If you’re a vegetarian you’d better like Risotto.

The other night we went out and had dinner with Suez in Williamstown.

David and I were a little early and we took a walk down the road to see what I, as a new vegetarian, would be eating for the night. I have to say that you have to love risotto if you’re going to eat out vegetarian, cause that is the staple. In particular in Williamstown it is Roast Pumpkin Risotto.

I kind of imagine one giant pot of it in a back lane that all the restaurant staff running out and getting it from the one pot.

We went to Banque and had a great night, it was a gamble as it was completely dead, no one eating there when we showed up. Usually we avoid restaurants where there are few patrons.

After Banque we went to the Breizoz Crêpery and indulged in some amazing pastry dessert.

Not sure if we’ll go back to Banque, but Breizoz may become a regular place for breakfast and/or deserts.


  1. Having often dined with a veg, your lack-of-choice problem is something I have heard before. I wonder if letting them know that the lack of choice is disappointing would encourage them to change?

    Probably not the right time to tell you, but yes, I make a pretty mean Roast Pumpkin Risotto!

  2. Luckily I love Roast Pumpkin Risotto.

    Today we went out for lunch and I had a vegetarian calzone, it was delish. Lots of pumpkin (I think it is a staple in vege meals), eggplant, red onion and capsicum.

    So thankfully not every place relies on Risotto.

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