Christmas 1983

Christmas 1983
Christmas 1983, originally uploaded by tyroga.

This used to happen every year when we were kids on Christmas eve. Santa (and Mrs Claus) would come around in the back of a ute with a bag of lollies to share with the kids of the neighbourhood.

Sure it was Mt Druitt. But it was awesome.

In this picture you can see Me, my older brother Brian and younger brother Gregory (the blonds in the middle of the pic).

The photo was taken with the family’s Kodak Instant Camera. A camera that was made defunct in 1985 when Polaroid won their court battle and stopped Kodak making the camera and the film. They were different systems so therefore not film compatible.


  1. Ahhh, Santa in the back of a ute. Does it get any more Aussie than that….. Fair dinkum Aussie! Gorgeous photo of you and your bros.

    What struck me about the counrt case was that it was in 1985. For some reason, I think of those type of legal battles as signs of more recent times. Am I (we!) getting old?

  2. When I first wrote this I also had a line that said “What did you expect, my parents also went on to buy a Betamax VCR”.

    Seems they were good at picking tech that was soon to be out-dated.

    But in fairness Kodak had a much better reputation in those days as a camera company and Betamax was in fact a better technology, but cost more to produce so everyone went with VHS. So while they picked the stuff that went out of style. They also generally picked the best. Which I guess when you don’t have a lot of money you want the best so you know it will last.

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