36 and still kicking

Today is my 36th birthday, crap! I’ve been on the earth in this form for 36 years, what have I done with it?

Well if I’m honest not as much as I had hoped. If I’m even more honest, while at times I cringe when I think of all the things I wanted but haven’t done, mostly I’m thankful for how my life has played out to-date.

I have a loving partner with whom I’ve spent almost 13 years with, the best family I could ask for and awesome friends who really are more like extended family.

I don’t often celebrate my birthday, it is after all just another day. But (and thankfully) my friends remind me that it’s a great day to be thankful for everything I have.

Last night David cooked an amazing dinner, well when I say last night I actually mean he spent the entire day Saturday preparing and cooking dinner for seven. I’m aghast that I didn’t take any photos of the food. I was too busy enjoying eating it. He made three pasta dishes, including the pasta, and followed it up with home made banana ice cream and home made chocolate sauce.

My friend Andrew hopped a flight from Sydney and spent yesterday and today with us. It was great to finally introduce my Sydney friend to sone of my Melbourne friends.

This year I was treated with some lovely, thoughtful gifts. I never expect gifts, believing I’m lucky to have all the great people in my life, who needs to add to that with gifts. Having said that I’m always chuffed when a present comes my way. ;)

From Kathryn and John I got some flowers, boomerang magnets (she loves her crazy gifts) and some beautiful Burberry Brit spray.

Presents from Kathryn

Nikki and Trudi also had me gobsmacked with their thoughtfall gifts. As a recent vegetarian they’ve given me some of their favourite vegetarian recipes in a folder, all broken out into the sections for easy reference.

My recipe folder
My recipe folder

I also now have a great memory card game. As we get older it’s important to keep our minds active, Nikki clearly knows the importance of this and has recruited my family to help.

Memory Game

You can see from the photo above the effort Nikki has put into this gift, and I’m not lying to say even typing this I have a little flutter in my chest, wait is that a heart attack at 36?, no, it’s the realisation that I’m loved by my friends. The amount of time Nikki puts into these gifts is amazing, just look at it.

Not only has she sourced every member of my family (including pets), Nikki has also photoshoped them all so just the heads are in there. She’s also made sure the corners are rounded so they aren’t pointy and won’t hurt my ageing fingers.

But if you thought the cards were impressive, check out the container they live it. A piece of handmade art! I love the look of this game wallet, and love that so much time and effort was put into it by a very special person.

Memory Game

Memory Game

Today we went for breakfast and followed it up with a great lunch at the Bridge Hotel in Werribee.

So as I start this next year of my life, I’m joyous and grateful for everything I have and everything I’ve experienced in my life, so far. I know I have a long time ahead and can’t wait to see what’s to come.

Thanks to everyone who contacted me and sent messages today, it’s much appreciated and makes me feel special.


  1. You are absolutely worth every stitch, every recipe and every rounded corner. And as for you being lucky to have great people in your life… you’re easy to love! xxx

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