Robot Warfare

Blue and White Robot Pointing at Circuitry

The clip below is from the TED conference 2009 and is by PW Singer who recently investigated the place of machines in modern warfare. Throughout the 16 minute long presentation you will see a lot of robots and will note from what he tells us, these are all currently in service or in prototype stage now.

The existence machines for the purpose of war is a technological marvel, it is also a human disgrace. We seem hellbent on being able to kill each other with the best possible tools and yet it seems that wars of the future may well be fought by robots against robots.

There has also been an increasing number of segments on news and current affairs programs about robots fighting wars. Are these just desensitising messages?

The good news we seem take from this is the number of human soldiers and soldiers’ lives lost in war will go way down.

Consider that a machine destroying a machine means nothing, except the cost to create and deploy this machine.

The only way to win a war in the future when robots fight robots will be to kill civilians and to strike at the heart of cities. This never seems to come up in these segments or reports about robot warfare.

I of course have always thought of soldiers as civilians and humans first and detest that we ever go to war. So much money is spent on warfare that could be spent on the betterment of humans. I’ll never understand the propensity of humans to want to destroy each other.

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