Molly Moves In

Molly Moves In
Molly Moves In, originally uploaded by tyroga.

Mum arrived today and brought with her my sister’s rabbit.

Molly has come to live with us and she’s already making friends with Pounder. Though I think Pounder is attempting to let her know this is his house. But I’m sure they will become fast friends soon.

Molly moved in with my mum when Jennifer (my sister) moved into a unit. She has been living in the bottom of mum’s aviary since then and now she has moved here to live with us and Pounder our rabbit.

As bunnies are communal animals it only made sense that we take this one in to live with ours who has been alone since Bungee died last summer. We’ll be making provisions to ensure it doesn’t happen this summer which will no doubt be as hot, if not hotter.

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