Masked Lapwing Breeding Pair

Masked Lapwing Breeding Pair
Masked Lapwing Breeding Pair, originally uploaded by tyroga.

These guys breed on or near our lawn every year. I think for most years someone has been getting rid of the eggs as they are laid, which means we’ve never seen any babies. This year looks like they have been successful and they have one baby.

At the moment it’s maybe a week or two old and looks like black fuzz on a couple of stick legs.

Whenever someone comes near the baby either ducks under a bush or if out too far it will flatten itself on the ground and stay still while mum and dad chase away whatever is coming near.

These guys have a spur at what I guess is like the elbow joint. It can be used in an attack but they only attack when someone goes too close to their baby and they swoop.

I read they will fly straight into small predators like cats or dogs spurring them to cause injury but injuring themselves in the process.

I don’t mind having them around, they can be noisy at times but that’s just how they are.

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