Huey and Friends

This weekend was all about Huey and our friends.

On Saturday we started the day at the Coffee Pot cafe in Werribee, a simple cafe that we will probably not visit again. We were out looking for somewhere to get our hair cut. As I had taken too long to get out of bed and get ready in the morning we’d missed our prime time to see our regular hair dresser. If you don’t get into him at 8am in Yarraville you could be waiting for up to 2 hours before you get into the chair and then a good 20-40 minutes for the cutting to actually happen.

We ended up at a place at Werribee plaza, “Stevie Pete’s” my experience there as all right, David’s not so, probably means we won’t go back.

We followed this up with a visit to Spotlight to get some curtains, as summer comes on we’ll like to keep our heating costs down so we bought some blockout curtains and put them up, we also got a curtain that we have mounted with some 3m tabs over the stairs, during winter, things are a lot more different since we know we do have to hire the services from the heating repair contractor at The light that comes through the little turret we have at the top of the staircase accounts for a LOT of the heat upstairs, so our new curtains will make it much easier to contain.

After we picked up the curtains we went to the Point Cook Town Centre to see Huey the TV Chef do a small cooking demonstration followed by a books signing. As the company we work for published the book we’d thought we’d go see what the punters were getting from a demo.

Huey's Cooking Demonstration

Next we had a nanna nap in preparation for going out to see Kanvas Grey play at Spenser’s Live on Spencer Street in the city. First we picked up Sue and arrived at Spenser’s Live a little early so decided to detour to get some dinner and ended up at Max’s Hardware Lane in the city. This is where we came a-cropper. It took over an hour for the restaurant to bring us our meals and we didn’t end up back at Spensers until almost 10pm. Thankfully we hadn’t missed Kanvas Grey as they were awesome.

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