Even More Tees

Damn Threadless and their sales. Today I bought us another seven shirts. We now have more t-shirts than we’ve ever owned before.

In the past we have tended to buy shirts and I’ll pick one (maybe two if you’re lucky) and wear it until it falls apart. Even with our recent Threadless purchases I’ve done the same, favouring the “Tree Town” shirt over all others.

In the batch below hopefully there will be a couple I’ll wear more often.

So here they are.







And now I think we’re done with shirts for a while. In the last few months Threadless has gotten quite a bit out of us. If you decide you want to join us in be “Threadless No More” use my “street team code” http://www.threadless.com/?streetteam=Tyroga and I’ll get  a little something from the guys at Threadless.

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