Ballarat Wildlife Park


Another amazing day with animals follows on from last weekend’s visit to Serendip Sanctuary. Today we joined Troy, Renae, Charlotte and the newly formed Austin on a look around the Ballarat Wildlife Park.

It was a warm but beautiful day today, not a cloud in the sky, reaching temps of 33 degrees on a day that was supposed to have a top of 30. Thankfully I remembered the sunscreen so I didn’t get too red.

Ballarat Wildlife Park was awesome. It’s one of the few places these days where you can interact with the Kangaroos, well the greys anyway. Red kangaroos tend to be a little too territorial and don’t play well with humans. But these grey guys were cool. They don’t shy away from people actively encouraging you to part with the kangaroo food you purchase for $3 at the entrance on your way in after paying $23 for entry.

At one point a very courageous Kangaroo started to actively search Austin’s pram looking for where Renae had put the feed.

I only realised that throughout the whole day I didn’t get any pics of lil’ baby Austin, got a few of Charlotte and lots of animals. But with Austin I was holding him for the first five minutes, then he was a sleep or feeding. I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities in the future.

We had a great day with the McIlvenas and no doubt will be back to the Ballarat Wildlife Park. Attached are some of my photos, you can, as always, check out more photos at Flickr.

Emu Portrait

Emu Feathers Close-up

Crocodile Portrait


Giant Tortoise

Charlotte Meets A Wombat

Charlotte Pats Kangaroo

David Feeding Kangaroo

Yellow Anaconda

Today’s video is a little more dodge than previous efforts. It was a bit shaky so I used iMovie’s stablisation action to try and contain some of my shaky hand. As you will see the results are not the greatest.

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