And this is what scares me…

I’m listening to photography podcast F-Stop Beyond with host Ron Dawson, in particular the episode “Re-run: Annette Biggers

Annette says of her son when trying to deal with his new adopted siblings: “It helped him to realize he’s a weak person and that he needs help from God Almighty to do anything worthwhile”. At about 28min in.

I can’t stand that type of talk. A belief that to be a good person you have to be broken in some way. You have to be weak and that you need “God Almighty” to do anything “worthwhile”. I mean what sort of bullshit is that?

Instead of encouraging her child to be a strong person in and of himself she’s happy he might consider himself weak. She’s happy he might consider himself broken and exist with self doubt.

It’s disgusting, it’s deplorable and it sickens me like nothing else.

Our children should be taught that they are strong and independent people. They should be taught to trust in their decisions and to understand consequences of their actions. Our kids aren’t always going to do the right thing. But that doesn’t mean they are wrong, it doesn’t mean they are weak. It just means they are still growing and they should continue to grow throughout their lives. They don’t need a god to do that.

I’m sure Annette Biggers loves her son and I hope some day she learns that her kid would have been fine without a god, had she given him the power to be. I hope in absence of this guidance her child grows to become a fine young man.

I’ll say this one more time for the slow people. There is no god, not just the Christian one, any one. They are an easy excuse to explain things not understood by a civilisation long since dead.

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