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Although I may get no photo credit I know at least one of my photos is used in work’s upcoming “Huey’s Bloody Good Recipes”. Now I know I didn’t do a great job when I went out with the boys to shoot the one day we did at Huey’s place way back when. But then word is he didn’t like any of the photos taken that day.

In my own defense I was only using my camera and had no lighting at all as the guys had the other lights with Pocket Wizards firing off flashes here and there so it wasn’t the best shooting arrangement, I was however there more as a hanger-on than anything, so I was grateful for the day and stoked that at least one photo made it in the book. Even if, as I said, I get no credit in the front of the book.

I guess that is my lot in life. As a web developer you never really get credit for what you do. The person who designs the site tends to get a lot of credit. Or when the site is an accompaniment to a book or some other product or promotion the others involved tend to get recognition but the developers that make the site actually go. The ones who make it possible to do some of the things they like to do are often left out. Never invited to launch parties, rarely mentioned in all staff congratulatory emails and even more rarely included in a magazine masthead even when everyone from Ad Sales to the Office Janitor seem to get a mention.

Maybe I’ve become jaded, and maybe that’s why I don’t hold a lot of love for web development anymore. I mean it serves me well and I think I do a pretty good job of it. But there’s only so long one can go with minimal recognition and only so long one can build things only to see them disappear never to be seen again.

I mean as a web designer you can take screen shots of your work and people will still go ohhh and aaahhh years later. But when your site is torn down or redeveloped there is nothing that saves all those functions you built. All that work you do in the back end to make the user experience as easy as possible.

But I digressed from the originial purpose of this post which was to say look, a photo of mine made it into a real life book. While not my first, I had a photo of Pounder my rabbit put in a French book about stinging nettle, it is probably one that will be seen by a lot more people.

So without further ado (and there has been a bit of that) here it is. The photo… not much to look at but makes me happy to see it.

My photo in Heuy's book

And yep those are Heuy’s hands you see. You can buy the book at http://www.slatterymedia.com/books

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  1. Congratulations on the published photo. That is excellent for you. And you should get credit for it. Without a doubt.

    This is a post that leaves me with lots of questions. We’ll talk more when I see you next.

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