Got Me Some Cojones

The funny thing about this post is that I started in on the 28th of November, 2008. And yep the problem has been ongoing.

Basically I’m posting this to emphasise the the fact that boys should check their bits out occasionally. Checking for anything that is amiss and ensuring that anything that seems out of place is checked out.

Twelve months ago I saw a doctor about the pain in my right testicle. It was nasty. Had some utrasounds and lots of bloodwork done but the doctor wasn’t sure what was going on. So I was sent to a urologist, who took more blood and finally decided after about $500 in bills that he didn’t know what was wrong but he was sure it was nothing major, that I had probably just cause my self some damage and it needed time to heal.

Turns out he was wrong.

Almost a year later of persistent, but slightly abated pain until recently when it has well and truly flared up again and has been for almost the last couple of months. I went back to the doctor again about three weeks ago and had another set of ultra-sounds done this time it was a little more conclusive.

It seems I have three (what appear to be) cysts on my right testicle as well as a hydrocele (a build up for fluid around the testicle). There is also a small cyst on my left which was seen in the first ultra-sound but was written off by both doctors as not a problem.

Where I’m at now is waiting for my specialist appointment to roll around. The wait for a specialist has always been annoying but this time it is even worse cause the pain is really bad and I’m spending a lot of time on pain killers. But on the 6th of November I have my appointment and the expected result is an appointment for a small surgery to have the cysts removed.

I’ll know more after my visit with the General Surgeon in three weeks. Until then it will be pain and my short temper which always comes about when I don’t get much sleep will be rearing its head a little more.

Thankfully David is a very understanding and supportive. Listens to my whinging (even if only half these days) and makes sure I’m doing OK. And now it’s time to try and get some sleep.

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