27 inches of lovely

iMac 27 inches of lovely

She’s a beauty and I want me one. But of course we have no funds for such at thing at this time and while I thought about financing it I thought maybe not. I don’t want to end up paying $4000+ for something with a $2,599 sticker price. So I’ll wait and after Christmas maybe we’ll save for a couple of them. My MacBook Pro is still treating me all right. But faaaarrrkkk she’s pretty.

Thanks Apple for making such lovely things I can’t afford right now. Especially with the rumours of a tablet to come in January, another want should it turn out to be an ebook reader and tablet media device. In fact such a device might even get precedent over this gorgeous wonder of technology.

Apple also released the new Magic Mouse today (seen in the picture above) those I can afford and have bought two for now, one for me and one for David. If we like them no doubt an second two unit order will follow so we can have the same at work. Expect a report on them in 5-7 business days when they are scheduled to arrive.

Of course if you can afford a shiny new iMac go get it at http://www.apple.com.au/imac


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