We are Geelong, the greatest team of all


Oh man what a game, just like last year’s I was on the edge of my seat. The year before wasn’t as full on as it was a smash of a game where we won by over 100 points.

Today was just madness, I had butterflies in my belly for the last 10 minutes. The game was amazing. Sure there were a few questionable calls from the refs (as there always is). Tom Hawkins kicked a goal that should have really been a behind (it hit the post) but it wasn’t seen by the ref. So from then on I needed to know we’d win by more than six else all we’d hear is how that should never have been a goal.

Further Darren Milburn gave away a free kick right in front of goal for questioning a goal umpires call. A penalty that has never been given before. Perhaps the goal ump was a St Kilda fan or he was trying to make up for the earlier Tom Hawkins call.

The only thing that annoyed me about the game today was the commentators on 1HD. They never shut up about Nick Reiwoldt whenever he was on the screen. Raving about what a great player he is this and how awesome he is that. I felt like geez dudes take the footage and get a room.

In the end we won by 12 points in a well-deserved game, it was point for point most of the way through and all David kept saying was, it’s going to be a draw and then they will just have to play again next week. Oh man I’m glad that didn’t happen, I might not have survived another game with this much intensity.

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