Last night I had a weird dream, seems all the cools stuff is happening while my eyes are closed. In this dream I was sitting on a chair at a shopping centre in a courtyard and there were kids playing. There was some event on, a celebrity or maybe a person in an animal suit or something like that was going to take place so kids were out in force.

Anyway after a short while a man next to me called out for his kid, who didn’t respond and didn’t appear to be around anywhere. The father started to freak out a bit, wanting to know if anyone had seen his kid. He had a picture from his wallet he was showing people, asking them if they had seen him.

And then he was talking to me. I don’t know what happened, I should have written all this down when I first woke up because there was very specific information that lead me to believe the kid had been taken by someone who had been stealing children of late. Something about the scene, something about how the kid was gone. When I told the father this he freaked out.

I then told him we could fix it. I told him the plan and he carried it out and returned to be in front of me a short time later. He started calling for his kid again but the boy wasn’t to be found and now the other parents were starting to look at him funny. One said they they hadn’t seen the boy, nor had they seen this guy before, even though they had previously been sitting right next to each other chatting while waiting for their kids to meet the celebrity.

I asked him if he had followed my directions properly. He said he did but I could tell he hadn’t.

He called his father-in-law. The father-in-law was furious that he would joke that his daughter had had a child and not told him, and that it would be an impossibility and wanted to know what the guy was playing at. To the father-in-law the child had never existed.

I asked the man again if he had followed the directions precisely. He maintained that he had but I was certain he had not. I had to do something about the situation.

The reason I couldn’t intervene previously was because I didn’t know the kid in question. I couldn’t do the time jump to the date and time required to prevent the kids disappearance. This guy, when I made it possible for him to do so, had made the jump but I believed he went too far back and did something in the past that prevented the kid even being born. Unwilling to admit this he continued to tell me he did everything as instructed when quite clearly he had not.

The next time the man saw me was an hour prior, he saw me as I got up from the chair next to him and walked away, just as he started to call for his kid who was now missing once more, but at least still in existence.

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