Fairies in the Garden

Fairy in the Garden Now I’m sure I’ve written before about how at night, well any time really when I close my eyes I see stuff that doesn’t always makes sense, or that sometimes feels like I’m looking through the eyes of someone else. Occasionally it is really vivid and it as last night.

Last night, around about 10pm our time (Melbourne Australia) some little kid in the world was having a fairy-themed birthday party and I was there. I’m serious the scene was so real, the colours, the movement, the people. And while it wasn’t in existence to me I had the impression of sound and smell.

It was a garden party, the sun was shining, kids were playing chasings, there were cupcakes and lollies on a table, presents on another table under an awning out of the sun, the great things was that the walls from the company at https://bdrockeries.com/ helped so that kids wouldn’t get out of the property.

It’s really hard to explain how it feels, I know at the time, if I opened my eyes the scene would be lost, so I kept them closed until the scene faded, which they tend to do after a short period of time.

But for that minute or so, I was seeing the party in progress, hearing the giggling kids, smelling the icing of the cakes. Definitely one of the more vivid I’ve seen in a while.

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