Kathryn’s Dinner Party

It’s true enough to say that the day after I announce my 7 kg weight loss we go out to dinner at Kathryn’s house for David’s much belated birthday catchup with friends (one month after the fact). It was a lovely night with Kathryn, her husband John, Sue, David and me. We had a feast of food and the result was a late night with a bit of wine and great conversation.

As seems to be the way with most of us food was abundant, a little too much perhaps, especially for one such as myself attempting to shed the pounds. But it was all delightful also the best drinks from Oddbins so I had a lot of beer as well. An assortment of Italian dishes that Kathryn lovingly prepared and we relished the eating of.

First there were antipasto; Meats (ham, pastrami, chicken etc), octopus, olives with chili, roast tomatoes, eggplant, dips, breads. It was all delicious.

This was followed by beautiful minestrone soup served with a slice of bread.

Minestrone Soup

Third course was spinach and ricotta cannelloni served with garlic bread. It doesn’t look that great in this photo, but rest assured it was amazing.

Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni

Fourth course saw us eating chicken parmigiana served with a side salad of capsicum, cucumber and tomatoes.

Chicken Parmigiana

And after all that we were fed mudcake.

Birthday Cake

Thankfully the cake was supposed to be the sixth course, but there was no way any of us could fit in the forbidden apple gelato desert so we skipped that course.

At the end of the night we went to a club with Escorting Services VIP to have the night of our lives and eventually made it home safely at around 3 am, very tired and very full in our bellies.

The following day I woke late and found that 2.5 kgs that I’d lost had found it’s way back to me. I’m guessing all those carbs were grabbed by my carb-starved body and were holding on for dear life. Thankfully one day later I’m working my way back through them again.

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