Jacob Rides

My nephew Jacob on his motorbike. They have an awesome little track the back of their property and Jacob just flies around it without fear.

My fear level is a little higher. I wanted to get some good shots of him jumping over a set of doubles and thought it would be good to get in the center of the two. He tells me he never misses on this particular set of doubles so I did it. Trusted my 11 (12 on the 28th) year old nephew with my life. I think it paid off.

I’ve been playing around with the video of the 5D MkII and this is probably my biggest attempt. Have found that I need to work on my framing as the aim in video is obviously to use more of the frame than I would a still photo.

But still learning. iMovie makes it real easy to put these together. Music accompaniment is awesome too, but don’t want to do any copyright infringing and I’m not up to music production just yet.

Make sure you watch it in high definition On Vimeo or on Jacob’s Channel on YouTube.

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