Docklands Panorama Pt 1

Docklands Panorama Pt 1
Docklands Panorama Pt 1, originally uploaded by tyroga.

I had intended on creating a new version of my earlier tiny planet, and therefore went about shooting a whole bunch of photos so I’d get a nice detailed shot. This is the first half of the 360 view and came out at a whopping 2.77GB. Much more than my poor little MacBook Pro running with 4GB of RAM could deal with well. It aligned these fine, but when attempting to blend them it started to grind a little and never quite made it to 30% through without Photoshop hanging.

Initially this photo was 38,054 px wide and 13,427 px tall. MASSIVE.

So I don’t think I’ll be able to get the whole thing done at that size. But I’ll hold on to the shots until I can find a better computer to try it out on.

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