7 kg down, about 25 more to go

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Seventeen days into my “dieting” I’ve so far lost seven kilograms and I owe it all to Tony. Tony Ferguson that is, and of course a whole lot of will power.

Basically I think the killer thing has been wiping out crabs such as breads and pastas in the afternoon. From now on all carbs (when I’m not out and about) are to be had at lunch time. In fact my main meal is now at lunch.

Meal plan

  • Breakfast is a Tony Ferguson shake
  • Around 10 am fruit
  • Lunch time protein either chicken breast or tuna and a whole lot a salad
  • Around 3.30 pm some more fruit
  • Dinner 6 pm another shake and a massive salad

I’ve find it easy to buy the salad pre-made from Woolworths, about 400 gms and I have half of it at lunch. It’s basically just iceberg lettuce, some shredded carrot, red and green cabbage. I just heap the tuna on top of it. The rest of the salad I dress up with some extra veggies at dinner. Tonight I added celery, cherry tomatoes and avocado.

Sure I miss eating junk food and I really miss eating bread with dinner however I don’t miss the seven kilos I’ve lost so far, nor will I miss the rest as it falls away.

I know this will just be a quick fix if I end up falling back into old habits once I reach my goal weight, the plan is to continue with the shakes, taking them down to 1 meal a day and eating better the other two, then it will be one every couple of days and so on until I am into a more healthy routine, while I can also try other treatments, with professionals as a kybella expert or any other.

I’m also not denying myself food. I’ll still go out with friends and have a good meal when I do. My first night out last weekend was a little bit of a blow out, we had Mexican at Taco Bill in Clifton Hill and I probably ate a little more than I needed to. But damn I love some Mexican.

I also get that it isn’t a quick fix, it took me a long time to get to the weight I am, so I understand it will take a little while going back the other way.

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