Shooting Troy and Renae’s House

For Sale
For Sale, originally uploaded by tyroga.

I like taking photos of houses. They are great models, they don’t jump around and pull funny faces when you don’t want them to.

A couple of weeks ago Troy asked me to shoot his house that was going on the market. As I know Troy has a camera and takes a good shot himself I was honoured that he asked me to do the photography to sell his house.

We drove up to Ballarat, did the shoot and came home and I did only a little modification to tone and colour (and removing one hanging light).

We also got to spend a little time with Troy, Renae and their awesome (but often shy) daughter Charlotte.

Heard today that Troy’s house has sold, so I guess my photos won’t be on for much longer, apparently the buyers were able to give a down payment already.

Congrats on the sale to Troy and family can’t wait to see your new house when it’s built.

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