Seeriously Weird Dream

I hate when I have wonderfully vivid dreams only for them to fade upon waking. Like last night’s. I dreamed of a time when Seers were sought out and trained in their duty to the world.

I my dream I, of course, was one of those to be trained, having had visions of and then being sort out by a Chinese woman. At first when she was talking to me I couldn’t understand what she was saying, however, with in minutes we were talking back and forth.

She told me of my training and was given a palm-sized stone she told me would concentrate my thoughts. It did more than this. Once conjured in my mind the images appeared like movies on the stone, showing what was gong to come to pass.

As I said however the details of the dream are already fading, I know there was so much more to it but that’s all I have for now. Perhaps like many of my dreams I’ll have it again and I can fill in more of the pieces.

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