Scott Bourne is just a big cry baby

Scott Bourne, of Bourne Media and Photofocus, provided a “Free iPhone/iPod Wallpaper” in the form of an image of a bear. In his post he included text:

I am conducting an experiment – I am hoping that by sharing some of my images for use on iPhone/iPod Touches – folks will respect my Copyrights. Either way – enjoy. It’s my thank you for being a part of the community at Photofocus.

I thought awesome, the photo looks great and should go nicely on an iPhone/iPod except perhaps the positioning of the bear’s head. After all the only time you see the wallpaper is when the phone is in standby mode and has big dark bars at the top and bottom of the screen, making the only effectively useful area the bit in the middle.

So I downloaded the photo, put it on my iPhone and sure enough I can’t see the bears head.

I replied to Scott with the following text (a direct cut and paste from my Gmail)

Hi Scott,

First of all, thanks for sharing your photo, it’s a great one. But with one exception. It’s not fit for the purpose you have provided.

I love that you’re sharing your work like this, I’ve heard many times your aversion to sharing in this manner and I also note your “as is” condition with regard to this piece.

However, I think you’ll see more popularity if you’d taken usage into account.

As you can see from the screenshot attached the poor critter’s head is hidden behind the time and date bar.

Would be great, and more useful, if we could see the bear’s face when in this wallpaper view.

Just a suggestion.

Thanks again for sharing. As I have no intention of using it in it’s current for I’ve deleted the downloaded version, and this version that was created purely as an example directly to you the content owner.

James Troi
Long time listener, sometimes disagree-er ;)

As you can see from my email, I was cordial, thankful and only offered the suggestion that Scott Bourne may wish to consider usage before providing an item like this. Bear in mind (no pun intended) that Scott Bourne also runs the site Photo Focus, on which, Scott Bourne offers critiques of user submitted photos. He is also often heard to say something like “If you put your stuff out there you don’t just want to hear from the ‘love you’ people, the better comments come from those who offer real critique”, yes I’m paraphrasing.

The response I received isn’t really what I expected, but then knowing Scott Bourne after many hours of listening to him on MacBreak Weekly and This Week in Photography, I probably should have expected this exact, seemingly cut and paste response.

Yeah like I expected – this attempt to give something for free met  with complaints so I’ve learned my lesson – sorry I tried to give you a gift that you don’t like.

Scott Bourne
Bourne Media Group
P.O. Box 1114
Gig Harbor, WA 98335
p: 253-851-6800
f: 253-449-0527

It almost seems that Scott Bourne’s “experiment” was to see how many people would reply to say, “hey you cut the head of your bear off” and it would seem he probably already had the response ready.

My final response to Scott Bourne was as follows:

Gee Scott, C’mon I said I liked it… that I liked both the image AND the fact that you’re sharing it.

All I suggested is that in future you check the usage of the photo.
Consider this is feedback and not a complaint, there is a difference.

I also suggest that the feedback given (consider the usage) is the exact feedback you may have provided should someone offer you the  photo for critique advising it was going to be used on an iPhone/iPod Touch as a wallpaper.

It also appears that you’ve just sent back a form reply, probably cut and paste.

I really don’t understand your attitude sometimes.

But thanks again for sharing.

James Troi

Again I thank Scott Bourne for sharing his work, it’s not something he does very often, I understand that he makes his money from his photography and he does a great job of photography. I really am a regular listener and I really do disagree with what he says a lot of the time.

Scott Bourne really does have a holier than thou attitude at times. And sometimes, like now, he cries foul and cries “poor me” like a small child, just because someone said he might want to consider something when sharing a photo.

I couldn’t include the photo here, as provided by Scott Bourne, cause he has a lot of money and I don’t want to get sued, even though I believe it would be fair use to present a smaller version of the photo for purposes of review. But anyway, you can go over the Photofocus post “Free iPhone/iPod Wallpaper” and see for yourself.

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