Early Flight

I close my eyes and I see…

I’m on an aeroplane, looking out the window as we fly just above the clouds. It looks as though we’re gliding across a white sea.

The sun crests the cloud’s in the horizon, and it’s like a second sunrise.

The glare off the clouds is too bright so I look inward and around the cabin.

The people in the row in front are familiar to me, but I don’t know how, but as the look towards me I can see in their eyes they know me. The woman beside me I think is my wife, I can see in my periferal vision she is quite close, in my personal space.

I see the other people on the flight, the cabin crew starting to move about the cabin.

… I open my eyes.

To me the main differences between what I see behind my eyelids before I sleep and the things I dream about once asleep are as follows:

1. The people are crystal clear, their faces are just that, theirs. If you consider your drams I believe you’ll find the faces you see while dramind are most often non-descript. Particularly true with people in the background of your dreams. But even those in the foreground, the subjects are often unclear or an approximation of people. Faces are often a blend of individuals.

When I am awake, but with my eyes closed everyone is clear. It really is more like seeing through someone else’s eyes as they view a part of their day.

2. I see things I can’t place. Either people I’ve never seen before and/or places I’ve never personally been.

It’s kind of weird, kind of interesting.

But like two nights ago when I saw the people looking up and I wanted to change perspective, it was like I couldn’t cause they weren’t my eyes looking at the scene.

And one of the first I wrote about, a small foriegn town, the perspective I saw that from was like someone seated at a cafe watching the scene unfold.

Perhaps they are like mini dreams, but I’ll try and write them down if, and when, I can.

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