Work is a Tiny Planet

Docklands Tiny Planet
Docklands Tiny Planet, originally uploaded by tyroga.

Another tiny planet attempt, getting better I think. This one taken early in the morning so the blending of the light to get exposire (particularly for the front of Etihad Stadium) has resulted in more of a wash out than I would have liked.

Trying to do this at lunch time however presents its own problems, including having people moving about all over the place which will have a two-fold affect.

1. There would be people everywhere, including multiples of the same person as I try and take lots of photos to make up the image.
2. Photoshop may get more confused trying to merge all the photos together because of all the people.

So I guess I’ll keep it as this, or maybe come in one one weekend and do a night time shot or an afternoon shot on a Saturday when the area is less business populated.

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