David’s Fortune

David's Fortune
David’s Fortune, originally uploaded by tyroga.

Nikki made these as part of David’s birthday present. She also made him a great apron with his Common Chefs logo on it.

I took the opportunity last night to have a play around with my Orbis Ring Flash and used an old bit of white cardboard (quite dusty from being in the cupboard) as a seamless background.

Happy enough with the way it turned out.

The cookies include some great little quips, mostly funny, one rude.

They included, but were not limited to:
“Everyone wants to be your friend”
“You are the hotness”
“You would have won Masterchef”
“Your cooking is better than Jamie Oliver’s”

There was also the corrected “You’re an excellent penis pianist”.

The thought and time Nikki puts into her gifts is amazing. You can visit her blog at myblackcardigan.blogspot.com

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