Yes it’s racism, so what…

I don’t mean to sound nasty, heartless or rude, but so what. Indian students are being targeted in violent acts of racism and that’s bad, I don’t think it’s not. It really, really is bad but then people get bashed every day in this city alone, a lot more get harrassed, shoved and treated poorly because of a range of things and for no reason at all.

The unfortunate fact of the human condition is there will always be morons, stupid people who know at times they have the upper hand and feel that the best way for them to show it is to go on the attack. It might be because they are bigger, because the other person being attacked is showing fear or it could be because the attackers are in a group and feeling mighty.

But there need not be special consideration for a certain group. As a gay man I’ve had people try to intimidate me, to act out against me and to actually try out violence against me. I’m lucky in that I am not a small person, though I used to me much thinner and frail looking I never have been. Growing up with two other brothers taught me how to take care of myself and I’m still not one to take crap from anyone.

Having said that I’ve not had a lot of altercations and most of them have been from me stepping in when someone else is getting hassled. But even when that has happened my devens has always been more about brovado than actual fighting ability. The people who attack really are like dogs, they can smell your fear and usually can’t be buggered if it looks like you’re going to present a problem for them.

I dunno I guess of late I’m not good at writing what I’m thinking but it’s just that sometimes people have to understand that we don’t live in perfect societies and there are dickheads out there and sometimes you have to be responsible for yourself. Don’t travel alone after dark. Don’t present an easy target. And don’t call a whole nation racist because some idiot is out and about.

Further I think we do have a pretty fair society on the street level here in Australia. Having people treat you different for all manner of characteristics is not new and not limited to our country, so lay off our country.

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