Farewell Adam

Today we got a call that didn’t bring the good news we were hoping for. Someone found Adam and he had died. To say that we were shattered would be an understatement. We were returning from an afternoon in Ballarat and had only just left Troy’s house when the call came through.

It was a horrible drive home as I tried to call security at our estate to ensure no one would disturb Adam until we could get there and recover him. Damn patchy mobile phone reception sure did make it hard and I had to keep calling back.

To the people who went WAY out of their way to call us I love to say a huge thanks. They had seen a poster we had put up, but at the time hadn’t taken a slip with our number on it, when they found Adam they sought out our number so we would be sure to know. And to be honest, it is better to know than to be left wondering.

Maygen and Adam in a Hammock

We loved Adam so much, he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but he sure was loving and had a gorgeous little soul.

He was with us for eight years, since the day David and his sister drove all the way to a little place of Belmont on the central coast of NSW to bring him home to be a friend for Eve.

And what a friend he was. He fathered a litter of pups and has always been attentive to Eve. Grooming her and laying with her when they slept on their bed. There so many times where we were left with our mouths agape and cooing “awwwww” when we’d see them together. They were a real little husband and wife.

Adam and Eve

The funny thing is the way that we had Eve for a year with no other pets in the house… she kind of got to thinking she was a human. So when we bought Adam, David decided that Eve was his dog and that Adam was Eve’s dog, and that’s kind of how it always was.

Adam also had this way of running around in circles when he was excited, or when he wanted to go outside. He was hilarious, even after seven years we’d be left chuckling at his antics.

So today we bid Adam farewell and hope it’s true as our friend Roy said “I hear doggy heaven is awesome: unlimited bones and old shoes to tear into”.

He leaves us with a lot of great memories and both David and I are proud that we got to have him in our lives.



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