Star Trek (2009)

Star Trek Wallpaper

Star Trek Wallpaper

Do not read this if you haven’t seen the movie, I repeat, do not read this if you haven’t see it this post will contain spoilers and you don’t want to know them before you see the film.

So yeah, we went and saw Star Trek at IMAX on the weekend. First thing’s first, don’t see the movie in IMAX. The screen is too big and when there is a lot of swirling motion it is really hard to see what is going on. I’m planning on seeing it again on a smaller screen.

On the whole the movie was very cool. It was a nice clean look at the Star Trek franchise. New looking cast, but a lot of  it stayed the same, as it should.

The storyline was a bit of a weird choice though for two reasons and you’ll understand if you’ve seen it and are familiar with other Star Trek installments. Firstly the idea of a Romulan with a planet destorying ship hell bent on the destruction of the Federation was the premis for the last movie; Nemesis. Shinzon, while not officially a Romulan was working with the Romulans and the Remans and had this big ship that could destroy planets. Further we add in a dude who wants to change the course of history to recove his planet that was destroyed and therefore return his loved ones to life by preventing the Romulus eating star from going supernova… now think Year of Hell from the Voyager series, a group of people who exist outside of time in their temporal ship able to make adjustments to space time as they see fit in an attempt to restor their planet and people.

It just seems a little too similar to storylines that have already happened.

But none of that bothered me too much, what really killed me probably should have been evident from the working title Star Trek Zero. Instead of the Year of Hell ending (where none of the events from the two part episode ever ended up happening) we see the Star Trek universe reborn, the events of this movie basically negate the future movies as we have now branched onto an alternate time line where the planet Vulcan has been destroyed and the once proud and powerful Vulcans have been reduced to 10,000 refugees (not that I can believe that the star-faring Vulcans hadn’t already colonised other worlds).

I know they use this method in comic books A LOT, there are many alternate time lines / universes in the X-Men series and it is also present in other comics too I believe but this is how I see it. Basically someone has come along and decided that the old way of doing things was crap, it looked crap and it was a little on the lame side. And that may well be, but then that was always part of Star Trek’s appeal. What they have done is basically co-opted the franchise, and the fans and taken us into their version of the Star Trek universe.

I’m not entirely bitter about it, but it does taste a little sour… of course I’ll still watch because it’s sci-fi but I don’t believe they had to change the whole future and wipe out 10 movies worth of history to make a good movie, nor to continue on with making good movies. And that’s enough bitching about it for me.

It really was a great movie. I’ll see it again and will no doubt buy the blu-ray when it comes out. Big props to Chris Hemsworth, formerly of Home and Away for his part as George Kirk. Also look out for (if you didn’t see them already) Winona Ryder and Jennifer Morrison. Great casting and a lot of funny inside jokes.

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  1. I wasn’t that impressed. The story line in general seemed confused. It just seemed mostly to be about introducing the characters for future movies and creating the legend of Kirk. I was distracted throughout watching the movie so may see it again and see what I think.

    BTW, I don’t mind an alternate Star Trek universe being created by future movies. No point retelling movies that have already been made. It may even create more interest. As long as the basic Star Trek premise is followed. Much the same as the latest Batman franchise.

  2. But we didn’t need the alternate universe unless they are planning on making A LOT of new movies. They basically have 10-20 years before they catch up to where Kirk and the crew were.

    And even though I whinged a bit about it, I’ll still happily go to another movie with that crew and also gladly go see that one again (which I plan to do sometime this week).

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