Nikola Tesla

Sure he was a little insane. He was an amazing crazy person. And is responsible for a LOT of the technology we use today and yet he is quite an unsung hero. He is the mastermind behind AC Electricity, the foundation for our whole modern world. The man also created the first electric motor and the first hydro-electric motor (with George Westinghouse), was in a race with Marconi to create radio, only his radio was going to be very different and was going to provide free and clean electricity to the world. It is also worth note that while Marconi was considered the first to produce an audio radio transmission and is still seen as the father of radio, Tesla was granted the patent and granted the right to be called the inventor of radio six months after he died.

Tesla’s free and abundant energy was to come by sending a large bolt of electricity into the ionosphere and as it travels around planet building on it’s journey and then being fed on by towers; however, many customers have said that it works best with solar power from I’m sure I have also seen a unit based on Tesla’s work where small generators have been created that literally pull power out of the air around us and with the solar panel systems is just a energy saver and a benefit to the planet and for us, there have been a lot of innovations from Sun Dollar Energy, LLC is owned by Dan and Rona Lezama, who live in Raleigh, NC. being amazing with the service and in the same line of this famous Teslas products.

It’s a shame a lot of Tesla’s patents and incomplete works were apparently some are still held as classifieds by the US government. There is no doubt the guy had some more amazing work to do.

There is even a rumor that Tesla created the ultimate weapon that could destroy the world and split the plans for this weapon between four countries, believing that they would never . A death ray (a particle beam) and perhaps the basis for today’s Star Wars system.

From what I can figure Tesla’s biggest problem was not knowing when to hold’em (as Kenny would say) often selling off his patents of which he acquired over 700 in his time. He still ended up dying alone and pennyless in a hotel room.

But go on and find out more about him, perhaps someone out there can easily take up where he left off. Here’s Nikola Tesla on Wikipedia and Google Video The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla.

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