Religulous is Awesome

A crazy look at religion. Bill Maher takes us on a journey through America asking questions about religion from some of the biggest names in the religious movement in the States.

Sure it pokes fun of those who believe in god and Jesus but sometimes they need to be made fun of, especially when they so blindly and stupidly believe in an invisible man who created everything we see.

Their arguments are always so strange. When asked about evolution they talk about how the scientific community isn’t even sure about that, and that it is still a “theory”. They believe completely that dinosaurs and modern man lived together. They also tell you there is no scientific basis for homosexuals to exist and that it is therefore a choice to be gay and an abomination against god. Some believe that the Earth is only 5,000 years old.

But they blindly believe that a God exists, there is certainly no scientific evidence to support their faith but they go to church, give their money and try and convert or condemn those that don’t believe what they believe.

He certainly sends home the fact that for something so humble and out for the good of man it certainly takes a lot of money to do. He shows one montage of TV egangalists who are calling for money to be sent into their church, to prove your faith, to pay at least $1,000 for salvation. Buy this DVD, buy this tape, buy this, buy that. It is actually quite sickening to see such blatant emotional and mental abuse and realistically that’s what it is.

I know this is not a representation of all religious people and I know some of them mean well, but they have to admit that there is a certain amount of corruption and disgusting perversion of people’s principles.

And on the homosexual front, I don’t believe, I know I was born the way I am. I have two brothers and a sister and I’m the only one that is gay. So I guess we can throw nurture out the window as a reason for my homosexuality. But it is something I have never questioned, after all when I see someone like Channing Tatum or any other hot guy I get funny feelings that I have never ever had when I see any woman.

Channing Tatum 04
Channing Tatum

That might be too much information for some but I’m getting pretty sick of people telling me there is something wrong with who I am. And being told that I can’t marry my boyfriend of 12 years because it is against THEIR religious beliefs and that our government will support these people and stand idley by. Stupid government, stupid religions.

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