Needles are not fun… stop sticking them in me!

Another day, another jab of a needle.

After the events of last week I thought I was past all the crap as far as my body is concerned, but Friday proved me wrong.

Since about Wednesday last week I’ve had a pain in my back, unlike last week it wasn’t muscular. It didn’t hurt to poke or to move but jebus when I tried to breathe it hurt like the dickens. So by Friday I thought I’d better go see the doctor.

Thankfully the good doctors of the Victoria Harbour Medical Centre agreed to see me pretty much straight away even though they were fully booked. Dr Marc listened to my chest, poked and prodded and decided he should refer me to the Emergency Ward of a hospital for further investigation. He was concerned that as I spent most of the end of last week asleep in bed that I may have developed a clot that may have become lodged in my lung. So he requested I get ultrasounds of my legs, X-rays and CT scans of my chest.

After ducking home to change I headed to Werribee Mercy Hospital and after admission was seen quickly by a doctor who decided that my other doctor was right and all the tests should be done. Rod the nurse put the cannula first into my right arm, couldn’t get it into a vein after two goes and move to my left. After fishing around in my left arm for a while he decided he should let the doctor have a go and just as he was pulling it out he hit paydirt and found my blood. It hurt like crazy for two reasons. 1. because he was moving the needle around while he was in there and 2. because a natural reaction is to breath deeply when you feel pain and that’s the whole reason I was there.

So for 7 hours I was in a gown, with David beside me, being prodded and trying not to breathe too heavily. Though of that 7 hours about 3.5 of them were spent waiting for the ultrasound of my legs.

The X-ray was done and then a CT scan of my chest and it turns out I have pneumonia. Which didn’t make a whole lot of sense given I don’t have any flu-like symptoms, but there you go.

So I’m on antibiotics for the next five days, and already I feel a little better as far as the breathing is concerned, but I’m still not sleeping properly and was awake at 3.30 am which I think is causing the headache I’m feeling right now.

Thanks to everyone who contacted me to see how I was going. I went in so quick yesterday I barely had time to twitter about it, let alone call anyone. Special thanks to David who took the day off work to be at my side and was no doubt thoroughly bored sitting there all day, and just a week out from our anniversary.

I’m all good and will be right in a few days. Today I’ve basically spent the day on the lounge, watching TV and movies. Caught up on my Sarah Conner Cronichles and now the season is finished… watched some eps of Reaper and watched a couple of movies: The Onion Movie (very lame) and Bride Wars (not too bad). David has been working on a new blog for himself about cooking, I’ll link to it once it’s up and running.


  1. Glad they figured out what was going on!! You’ll love Terminator! Hopefully it’s picked up for another season!

    As for needles… welcome to my world! :)

  2. Hope the Reaper helped make you feel bettr. Take care of yourself and keep watching–we’re big fans of the show and have our own little fansite, to talk about it. Join us if you want!

  3. I was a little sad about the ending of Terminator series 2, it was awesome but I really would have liked to see Sarah have a bit more of an understanding of what the liquid chick was trying to do. What the heck was she doing abandoning John like that all of a sudden?

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