Happy Anniversary

Jamie and David Dolls by Nikki Waterfall
Jamie and David Dolls by Nikki Waterfall, originally uploaded by tyroga.

Today David and I celebrate our 12th anniversary.

We’ve had a great morning out in Melbourne after a breakfast at Creme in Altona. We just did a touch of shopping. It’s also ANZAC day here in Australia so most of the stores are closed here until 1pm.

We received a call from Nikki and Ben saying they wanted to stop in on their way back from Nikki’s parents’ in Geelong. We were already on our way home from the city so we said yes, and were overjoyed when they arrived. It is always great to see these guys. As Nikki rightly said today they are like our family here in Melbourne a sentiment we are grateful for and feel too.

Their visit had a hidden agenda. Nikki says that David told her about our 10th anniversary a couple of years ago and she wanted to do something for us, but has he told her only the day before there was too little time. Last year Nikki and Ben were almost about due to have the twins and this year she has outdone herself. We both got a bag that contained a mini-me for each of us, and they got us a waterproof backpack for our trip in December, it is perfect size ways and the fact that is waterproof it’s such an advantage.

Not just a doll though, they also came with personalised accessories and additional clothes.

Meet Jamie

Jamie Doll

He’s slightly taller than David and has PJs, Work Clothes (with Tie), beachwear and casual clothes (including his Apple Tee).

Jamie also has a camera, with a spare lens, a backpack, books and magazines. This present not only shows how much we are loved, it also shows just how much our friends know us. The books in Jamie’s backpack include Empire (a movie magazine), Popular Photography, Annie Leibovitz at Work and three Wizard of Oz books. The detail is amazing and he will be something I will treasure for ever.

Meet David

David Doll

Like Jamie, the David doll has a range of clothes but has his own accessories.

David includes a teddy bear, white macbook computer, a satchel (for the computer) and a range of his own books including music scores and cookbooks. Truely amazing.

As I’m still recovering from stupid pneumonia we have postponed our anniversary dinner to Wednesday. We’ll be goind to Match Bar and Grill, a location recommended by someone on Twitter.

Oh and if you want to see more of Nikki’s awesome work check out her blog My Black Cardigan.


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