Foie Gras Deliciously Evil

I’ve never eaten Foie Gras and am now thankful for that fact. It’s production is most often performed as seen in the first video below, but not always. The second video is about the way another guy does it in Spain. His production method is condemned by the French as it doesn’t involved the force-feeding method and therefore to them is not really Foie Gras because the liver of the animal doesn’t become diseased and as distended. But I won’t write anything else. You watch and decide if you think the practice of not only force-feeding but the way the animals are treated and housed is wrong.


  1. OMG! :~(

    I’m glad I saw that, and horrified and traumatised all at once. That’s horrendous, intolerable cruelty for what is deemed to be a delicacy.

    I have had Foie Gras, and was oblivious to how it was created. NEVER again! Never, ever!

  2. Sorry about that, it is pretty bad but I guess if people don’t see it, people can remain ignorant about it. Kind of sad that some people are happy to do just that. Sounds like the Spanish guy makes some more humane Foie Gras so if you like it I guess I just suggest finding out where it comes from first.

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