Extra Long Weekend

Well this past weekend has been a nice four-day weekend with thanks to the Easter holidays. But for me it was a little longer this year. Having damaged myself earlier in the week I had Wednesday and Thursday off incapacitated and mostly asleep. I wish it was purely by choice, it would have made for a great break, but sleep isn’t really what I love to do. It was needed though and seems to have worked wonders.

Home-made Gnocchi

On Friday Nikki, Ben and the twins came over for dinner. David made gnocchi, cannelloni and rhubarb crumble. It was all divine. It is always great seeing Nikki and Ben and the kids. Amelie and Elliot are much more mobile now from when we last saw them. They scurry around crawling from place to place. Amelie seems to be more the more adventurous of the two, pulling herself into a standing position where ever she could find purchase. Further she was also the one hunting Perry our cat most of the night. Never quite catching him.

Home-made Cannelloni

I always get very clucky when little kids are around. I love having them around even when they are getting to that tired grizzly stage of the night. The only time I get concerned is when a baby is crying and I don’t know what to do to make them feel better. I know I’ll never have kids of my own so I’ll never get to prove it, but man I would be an awesome dad.

On Saturday we really didn’t get up to much at all. I followed up my Wednesday and Thursday sleeps with some more of the same, still a little sore and needing a bit more recovery. I received a personal injury, but thankfully I was able to visit Munley Law and meet with my personal injury lawyer. Right now I am just focused on going to therapy and recovering well. I guess as we get older we take a little longer to recover from all life’s little injuries.


On Easter Sunday we headed out nice and early and hit Melbourne Zoo. I have to say it was a lot more popular than I probably expected. There were a lot of families there. And while I guess there is a lot more kids on the school days due to school trips to the zoo I prefer the school day visits. At least with school groups they are generally in somewhat orderly groups, on the weekends there are kids everywhere and too many prams and strollers to avoid.


I still love watching the kids watching the animals, but when you have a group with multiple prams on one tiny little path leading to the gorillas or along the arboreal monkey trail it can be painful trying to make any real progress.

Emo Emu Pink Cockatoo

The lions and most of the other big cats were asleep, I still haven’t seen an echidna at the zoo, nor a badger or a Tasmanian devil. But I did manage to get a better view than ever before of the Tree Kangaroos and the Orangutans. The best thing about being a Friends of the Zoos member is we can got again and again and see the animals as much as we like.

Tree Kangaroo

I’m not sure where the seals are living while their new enclosure is being built, but I hope it is somewhere nice. Word is that the new enclosure won’t be ready until the end of 2010 and that’s one heck of a long time to have to sit around in a small, off-view tank for the seals. Once complete the new enclosure will house not only the seals but a new ray tank as well as antarctic penguins. They will also feature under water viewing stations for all of these animals.


I hope once this project is over they will move onto the other big cats. Where the snow leopards, puma and panthers are seems a little old and I’m sure they could do with some more space.

Monday has been another slow day. We’ve done a few chores around the house but mostly relaxed and taken it easy.

Our next break will be in July when David’s parents visit. Which reminds me we should sort out dates and put in for leave soon.



  1. The emu is by far my favourite. It looks like he is smiling. I love it.

    You don’t need proof. You WOULD be an awesome Dad because of the person you are.


  2. I’m sorry that you have been sick! I hope you are feeling better now! Look after yourself! I still love you! xo

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