Damn Pneumonia

As you may have read, last Friday I went to hospital to have a pain in my lung investigated only to find out I had pneumonia. Got some antibiotics and started taking them. And it was good.

By Monday I could take nice deep breaths without any pain, by the afternoon I was feeling tired and Tuesday morning I woke up with pain again when I drew breath.

Today I take my last antibiotic tablet and as the pain is still persisting I guess I’ll be taking a trip back to the doctor again today.

Freaking hate being sick have many other things I’d rather be doing. But as it is I’ve watched quite a few movies in the last few days and slept a whole lot too.

Yesterday I watched:

“Quantum of Solace” – I get why people don’t like it, it’s a little disjointed and doesn’t have the finesse of the other Bond films.

“Sex Drive” – I put it on while I was drifting off to sleep, ended up watching all of it, it was stupidly amusing, what’s stupider is I watched the unrated version where they promised to be better than any other unrated movie, to do so they put random naked women throughout, for no reason at all. It was as I said stupidly funny.

“Outlander” – A sci-fi movie set in the iron age of Earth. An alien crashed to earth in the time of the vikings and must work with them to fight off a creature that has come with him. It is a well-made movie, great effects. Worthy of a much bigger release than it received.

Today I’m watching “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” while I wait for the doctor’s to open so I can make an appointment.

This movie is already a little disturbing. Hearing one person refer to the interned Jews as “not really people at all”, the boy learning about the dehumanizing of the prisoners by dressing them all the same and giving them numbers. I really can’t fathom the mind of men who could do what they did.

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