Battlestar Galactica Finale

Well it has been long enough now, if you haven’t seen the ending of BSG stop reading now or it will be runined for you and I wouldn’t want to do that to anyone. So STOP READING NOW.

David and I went to Jonathan Poh’s place to watch the finally of Battlestar Galactica. It was an awesome night, Jonathan’s partner Simon was there and we were joined by Jake, Greg and Luke. All these geeks in one place was cool. The last five years have pretty much been me sitting by myself watching BSG alone. David actually doesn’t like the show, but he came along anyway for the social aspect.

Not only did I have the new experience of watching the show with others, we were also introduced to the best pizza I have ever tasted, Mojo’s Weird Pizza.

So we settled in and watched the second last episode which all but Jonathan and the non-watchers (David and Simon) had seen. It was a bit weird to be honest, more character development, more about what went on on Caprica before the fall of the colonies. A lot more character background. Given that it was the second last episode I felt that this was more about wasting time than giving any real further insight into the characters that we had already come to know well over the previous years episodes, webisodes and other sources of information that the BSG camp had made available to us.

That’s pretty much all that happened in that episode, it was lame.

But then came the final ever episode of Battlestar Galactica. The chance to wow the audience like never before and to some extent they did that. There was an amazing fight scene when the almost destroyed Galactica jumped in right next to the Cylon Colony ship and immediately started getting pummeled by gunfire only to turn around and give it right back.

I guess I’m still not going to say a lot about the episode, if you saw it you know what I’m talking about if you didn’t then it probably doesn’t mean much to you. But the last half of the episode was crap, there I said it, after enjoying the show for all that time I was disappointed by the ending. That the centurions went off in the basestar that the others agreed to stay on the planet they had found and live among the inhabitants after confirming they could interbreed with them and that they declared the planet Earth. Only to jump forward 150,000 years to find out they were on this planet and that the whole adventure took place in the past… I guess that was a nice touch, I’m just not sure we needed to see all the touchy feely moments and the long drawn out conclusion about who went where on the planet etc.

Further the fact that we learn finally that the Six that Gaius Baltar was seeing all the time wasn’t him going mad, wasn’t a cylon chip in his head, she was in fact a guardian angel and that the real Caprica Six had her own Gaius version of the same. I was really disappointed with the creep of the one god religion into the show throughout. Perhaps that was to explain our own leaning on such things and even that different parts of our planet had mutiple gods, whatever it was, I wasn’t a fan.

The biggest disappointment for me was that it seems the ending was a last minute decision. Not only were there Gaius and Caprica Six guardian angels, we find that the Kara that returned to us in Season four after her firey death was also a guardian angel, this seems to have been a last minute change. I so had her pegged as a cylon clone. They had after all stolen Kara’s ovaries back at their baby making center. And there just seemed to be other small changes that given earlier direction didn’t make sense.

I guess I realise that this post is a little all over the place, I was miffed about the ending of the show, but no so much that I wouldn’t rewatch any episode again when the series finally comes out in whole on Blu-ray. I’ll be buying it for sure.

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