All on the mend

I’ve just taken the last of my antibiotics so I guess I should be almost better. YAY.

And in other news I’ve just started a super secret project that perhaps three people in the world will get to see. Very honoured to have been asked. No more details to follow.


  1. Great news to hear you’re on the mend. Let’s hope you’ve got all this year’s illnesses over and done with in one hit.

    As for the super secret project…. now I have to ask…. (in a whisper)…. what is it….????

    (he he he he)

  2. Yeah and now I just gotta get myself back to the gm without hurting myself :P

    Can’t talk about the project just yet… maybe I can whisper to you after it’s done and I know it’s come out well, but given the nature of the task I don’t think I’ll be able to show anyone, David may not even get to see it.

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