Life Lessons 001: If you’re being followed don’t go home

Go to a public location with lots of people, go to a place of authority like a police station or a council building. Do not ever go home. You don’t want the people following you to know where you live.

I was once driving in a car with a friend Joanne. At the time we were living in Glenmore Park in the west of Sydney. Joanne had just been cut off coming out of a round-a-bout by a car containing three young guys and as you would do she beeped them to let them know she didn’t appreciate their actions. The response of the driver was to slow right down to be annoying and then when our single lane became two they pulled into the other lane and slowed down until they were behind us.

They then proceeded to tailgate us, flashing their lights and beeping their horn.

Joanne panicked. She sped up a bit and started to head for home. At which point I tried to calm her down and tell her it was going to be alright. I told her to drive up the next side street, she didn’t. She wanted to get home where she would feel safe. It make sense that as humans we run to where we feel safe, but taking people with you isn’t the best option. Your safe place will no longer be safe.

Finally I got her to turn up one side street, then another, just be be sure they were actually going to keep following us. I then reached into the back seat of Joanne’s car and grabbed the club lock, the thing she used to lock her steering wheel.

Joanne had resumed heading for home.

I told her to pull over, I was going to deal with it. And OMG did that start her freaking out. She was sure we were going to get killed, she even started crying. I insisted that she pull over, almost to the point where I threatened to pull the hand-break lever and finally she did.

They pulled up behind us, before any of them could get out of their car I was out of Joanne’s and headed for the driver’s side of the car. The club lock in two pieces one in each hand. I was ready to kick some ass and I’m sure it showed on my face. The pursuers put their car in reverse and went backwards as fast as they could. I had no intention of causing damage, just to put a little fear into them and it succeeded, they were quickly gone.

I learnt long before this day that if you’re going to do battle with someone you have to commit 100%. Forget everything else and especially forget fear, it has no place in a situation like this.

When I got back in the car Joanne was beaming with smiles and we went the few streets to home.

I call this series of posts Life Lessons because they are lessons I have learned personally. They are all from my own point of view and are not presented as strict guidelines for anyone else to follow. While these were my circumstances, my actions and my outcomes each situation is different and needs to be judged by individuals on their own merits.

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