Model Booking

To say I am nervous about my upcoming photoshoot on March 7 would be an understatement.

I already have my model booked, Craig Jackson, he 19 years old, 5″7′ and probably a little fairer than I would have liked, but he was the first to make contact and it seems only fair that he be the first to get a shoot done.

I actually got quite a good response to my casting call, five models all up and definately five people I’d be happy to work with in some capacity in the near fu0ture.

I already have the location selected, a place in Werribee South with a lot of textures and colours, I’m thinking it will suit model photography quite well, with one problem.

David and I went down there to check it out the other night and I was horrified to see that a LOT of seaweed has washed up on the banks and over some of the location that I had hoped to shoot.

I even contemplated getting some of those fishermans’ waders and sitting Craig on a dock and going out into the water to get some shots. But if the weed isn’t gone in two weeks there is no hope of that happening.

As it is I may still get some waders (depending on cost) just in case it is clear, cause I can see a perfect shot, I just have to get out into the water to get it, and I don’t fancy getting all wet myself with my camera in tow.

Can’t wait to share the pics, will do so in about two weeks.

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