Castlemaine Day Trip

Castlemaine Day Trip

Yesterday, David, SueZ and Kathryn all went on a little road trip to the town of Castlemaine Victoria. it was a great day of happy snapping, lens swapping and all round fun.

Kathryn showed us what she is best at, working with people… her unabashed nature and her ability to connect with humans is something I hope rubs off on the rest of us. Kathryn was able to capture some great portraits of random people on the street. You can see Kathryn’s work over at her Red Bubble profile.

Kathryn truly exposes the inequality in gender roles in photography and makes me wonder why there are not many more great female photographers. While she has a natural ability to interact with people, she is also a woman and as such is non-threatening to parents of children who look amazing. We met several such people and kids yesterday and I’m sure she will have uploaded some of her images to illustrate what I am talking about.

David was heavily fascinated by the macro lens and took some great shots. Even the ones that didn’t “turn out” make for some great shows of colour. David has put is his photos on Flickr and has also created a Red Bubble account.

SueZ who thought that she wouldn’t do a good job took some amazing shots. And when she uploads them I’ll link to them.

It was an adventure and we are already in planning stages for our next.

The image above is of carrots, all crazy colours and all carrots.

Castlemaine Day Trip Castlemaine Day Trip.

See more of my photos from the day on my Flickr Photostream. I’m still getting used to my brand new Canon 5D MkII which was a present from my wonderful boyfriend.


  1. I LOVE the multi coloured carrots! Wonder if my horses would like them? Fabulous photo, even if they mightn’t be as sweet to eat as the ‘normal’ ones! :-)

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