Welcome 2009

My first day of 2009 was spent mostly driving and sleeping.

Having stopped at my sister’s to celebrate the ending of 2008 with my family David and I brought the dogs along. We would after all be leaving directly from Jennifer’s to head home to Melbourne.

Early in the day Alek decided he wanted to ride to the park and my brother Greg said that I could ride his bike. Well it has been a long time since I have been on a bike that wasn’t my own, so when I tried to lift the front tire to go up a gutter I miss-calculated the amount of lift required and ended up going head over turkey (which means I went over the handlebars and ended up on my knees in the gutter). Bruised knee and bruised ego I got up and continued on my way to the park. Other than realising that I was way out of shape and needed more exercise the rest of our ride was uneventful.

Come the evening the fireworks in the neighbourhood started early, which is good work given that they are illegal in most states in Australia. With the fireworks comes the dogs barking and as we got closer to midnight (I mean around 10 pm) poor Eve, our dog, was going burko so we decided it would be prudent on our behalf to leave early and save Eve from barking her head off.

When 2009 rolled around David and I, with the dogs on the back seat, were somewhere around Mittagong heading home to Melbourne. We stopped a couple of times for short sleeps and each slept in the car while the other drove. All up it took us about 10 hours to finally get home.

We were expecting to come home to black carpet, as Perry our cat had stayed at home while we were away and is constantly shedding hair. But it seemed (later confirmed) that Ann, the lady caring for Perry and the rabbits in our absence, had used the Bissle carpet sweeper and done a darn good job of picking up the fur. Ann from Point Cook Pet Care was awesome. She even dealt with the fact that our front door apparently blew open twice while we were gone. Not that our door doing that is a new phenomenom. The funny thing was that she thought she would have lost Perry. But when she came through the open door, there he was, meowing away, waiting to be fed.

So we spent most of the first day of 2009 asleep.

This, the second day we went shopping. We didn’t buy any Christmas presents for ourselves so today we did a little to rectify that, not much just a fragrance each. David is now wearing Burberry’s “Weekend” and I have Bvlgari’s “Marine”. We also had our vouchers we received as gifts to spend, but as yet have not found anything to spend them on. They are good for 12 months and I’m sure we’ll think of something in that time.

Here’s hoping everyone out there had an AWESOME New Year’s Eve and that 2009 is bloody brilliant for the lot of you.

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