Farewell Bungee

Bungee Close-up

On Wednesday I suffered a personal tragedy when I lost my rabbit Bungee. While they had shade and plenty of water, it appears that the 43 degree day was too much for my little bunnies. And Bungee died.

To say I was sad would be an understatement. I almost couldn’t bury her, it was like I had no strength.

So we say farewell to Bungee. Sorry for what happened to you. I should have done better.

We now have Pounder all by himself. A little rabbit bonded to another who doesn’t have her anymore.

For the past two days Pounder has been inside where it is much cooler than the continual 43+ degree days we’ve had.


  1. Farewell little Bungee, I loved getting to know you over Christmas.

    May you have the best time in bunny heaven and be running and jumping in fields of clover.

    Lots of love


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