Australia Day 2009

January 26, 1788 the First Fleet landed on Australian soil to begin new lives in a new land for hundreds of people. Some convicts sent here to ease the pressure on an overflowing British justice system. Others pioneers, coming to forge a future for them and theres.

Without their courage we wouldn’t be here now and the world would be a different place.

Some sections of the world populous support the term “Invasion Day” when discussing Australia Day. They see the landing parties as a force that came and destroyed the indiginous people of this land.

While there were some tragedies, some atrocities and some out and out cruelty dealt by the landing parties and their subsequent generations all that is now history.

There needs to come a time when we as newer generations let go of this past and move on, forging new bonds with the other humans around us regardless of race, regardless of history.

We are not responsible for what has passed and we shouldn’t continually be making monetary compensation. Instead we should put the past where it belongs, while continuing to be respectful to its memory.

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