New Year’s Eve – Farewell 2008

Goodbye 2008

Goodbye 2008

The year that was is soon to be no more. At midnight tonight bells, music, fireworks and cheers will ring-in a new year for us.

While 2008 prooved it self as a great year for change, many things remained the same.

We still fight wars we can not ever hope to win at the massive expense of human life. We still take what we want from our planet without consideration of the real cost.

I would like to think that 2009 is the year we’ll turn this around, but I know that would be delusional thinking. While we now have a new leader in Australia, taking office in early 2008, he has already modified his radical, but necessary environmental policy to appease big business. A definate sign of who is really ruling this country and at present pretty much every country in the world.

If he is scared of losing the companies to overseas I say let them go. If they see us as a market to ply their wares put tarrifs on their products coming in to recoup some funds from we’ve lost and to encourage local markets to rise and fill the voids left by their departure. Hell half of them have already moved their workforce overseas so why do they hold so much sway.

Having said that what I’d really like to see in 2009 is more of a movement to a world government. A shift away from the United States being seen as the “rulers of the free world” and totalitarian decision makers of who is right and who is wrong in the world, but only choosing the fight the fights as they see fit.

We have to start looking at ourselves as the human race, combined not separated by colour, creed or birth-race. At the end of the day we are all people and all deserve a chance to live a life of love with minimised loss. With constant wars being waged through the world this is impossible.

So as 2009 comes in, lets see what we can each do to improve the world we live in. To take a little less that we want and help those who need find ways to help themselves. It may not be the job of the individual to save the world. But it sure as hell is your job to not make it any worse and try to make it a little better for yourself and those around you.

Farewell 2008. Thanks for everything. Thanks for the time with my family and friends. Thanks for the personal growth. And thanks for being here. You will be missed, but not forgotten.

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