Mega Update

It has been so long since I’ve put anything of substance on this site, but then I’ve had very little time to do so. What with work being so hectic for the last month or so, then organising our leave and trying to find someone to take care of the pets while we were away and all, it was a very busy late November, early December for David and I.

As most will know I now work at the same place as David, have done so for almost a year. In the final weeks before our Christmas break we had several sites to finish and launch. One for a Stockbroking Company, one for a horse auctioneer and another for a well-known horse trainer in NSW. On top of these we also had changes to our internal sites that needed to happen before we took leave. It was a mad-house in those last few days.

To be honest the work didn’t stop there. For a couple of days David had work to do, then on the 23rd I had work to do, on Christmas Eve David was working and again today he is working. It’s madness. Of course the work that I had to do was stuff that should have been done weeks ago. But I got wrapped up in one of the other client sites and forgot to finish off the internal work.

Oh and I forgot the trouble we have had with our car. Just going on two years old and the little bugger gave out on me, in the middle of Melbourne city at 10 am. The clutch went and wouldn’t recover. After a tow to the Ford dealership and them having it for two days, repairing it under warranty we were told it is a known problem and one they had now fixed. They lied.

On Christmas Eve, while David was working, Jennifer, Mum, Alek and I went out to see some of the local Christmas lights in Hurstville only to be driving up to the first place and have the clutch go out AGAIN. I was furious and worried about what we would do given that it was late at night and that the Ford dealership wasn’t going to be open for two days, plus we would need a tow again AND we would have to alter our Christmas plans which we weren’t happy about.

Fortunately Jennifer had left her keys at home and David was there working so he was able to come pick us up and share in my panic. At 10.30 pm he called his folks to see if they wouldn’t mind making a 50 km detour to come check on the car. His dad, Peter, is a mechanic and he agreed to come check it out.

In the interim he did some research on the Internet and found that this is a very common problem with the Ford Festiva and in Europe there has actually be a recall on the unit due to the issue, something they haven’t done here in Australia yet. He also found that it is relatively easy to fix. Essentially there is a shaft under the dash that the clutch piston fits into and it is too short and at times the two slip apart. How annoying. Peter showed David where it all was and how to fix it, he then applied what is basically a permanent fix, two zip-ties! After Ford having it for two days and it breaking again the fix is a couple of zip-ties. Crazy.

So anyway. Other than the work and the car trouble, we’ve been having a great time with the family. Enjoying the festivities. The killer for me is Jacob and Maygen’s new trampoline, it is MASSIVE. I had to have a jump on it and man does that damn thing wear you out a lot faster than I can ever remember a tramp wiping me out before.

The kids were doing all sorts of tricks. Jacob’s lack of fear both amazes and worries me. Just as he is on his bike, he is on the tramp. Willing to try anything.

Today we went shopping with David’s Mum and found the present she has been hanging for, a Nintendo Wii. It was looking like it would be hard to get until we went to the GAME shop at Lake Haven shopping center where we secured the Wii plus an additional game for $388. Sharon also bought Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City, the game she bought the Wii to play.

We bought them WiiFit for their new Wii as a thanks for coming and saving our poor stranded car and saving our plans for Christmas day.

Tonight we’re off to dinner in Belmont and tomorrow out for a family day in Sydney where we’ll finally visit the Apple Centre in Sydney. Later in the week we’ll be going to the movies with my Mum and visiting my friend Andrew.

We’re wrapping up our visit on New Years Day when we’ll pack up the car and drive the ten hours home.

I also have an update on a photoshoot I did the week before we left, but I still haven’t even had time to go through the photos yet…

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