For the Love of a Child


To say I’ve been feeling a little clucky of late would be a massive understatement. Everyone who knows me, knows how much I love little kids. LOVE THEM.

I love the look on their faces and the enlightenment in their eyes as they discover new things in the world around them, and to kids, there are a lot of new things to explore. I can sit and watch children play for hours. See them interact with something they have never seen before, be it a new animal, another child or even a piece of technology they see with buttons they can press.


The outlook kids have is amazing, even new born babies can be a source of enjoyment. I’ve been known to sit for hours holding a little baby, just staring at it while it sleeps, talking with it when it wakes and generally interacting with it as a real person. Thoroughly enjoying the looks it gives while it dreams or while it seems to be trying to work out who I am and what I am trying to say to it.

Maygen and her Floaties

If I could have my own kids I’d do it tomorrow.

Alek and his eeePC

I think some parents take their kids for granted, some even see their kids as burden and this isn’t fair to the child or to themselves for they are denying themselves the joy that children bring.

Jacob Swinging in a Hammock

I guess some people weren’t meant to be parents, and I guess some of us that are made for it, aren’t made quite the right way to see it happen. So I live vicariously through friends and family and take advantage of having their kids around whenever I can.

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