An Abuse of Form

In this day and age (if you’re reading this on the Internet) then you probably already know about the One Laptop Per Child or OLPC Foundation. They are a not-for-profit organisation who are hoping to ensure the technology divide doesn’t stop developing nations from developing by providing low-cost computers to the third world and under privileged children.

It’s an awesome idea and should be supported by everyone who can afford to do so. Basically you can donate the funds to build a laptop, or you can “buy one, give one”. Their site state:

One Laptop per Child is not about a machine, it’s about a movement—and we’d love you to be a part of it.

I applaude them in their efforts but on this occassion fund fault with their method of getting the word out.

A new advertising campaign has been produced where the late John Lennon has been “recreated” to bring us a message about how good OLPC is and how it works with his own ideals. It is even titled “A message from John Lennon (OLPC)”.

Why do I find fault? Because I believe this is a misuse of John Lennon, his image, his mouth and his mind. The idea that a man who probably never imagined such a thing as laptops that everyone would one day has been used to talk-up a product disgusts me.

That Yoko Ono his wife has concented and approved the ad is little consolation. The woman doesn’t have the right to approve this use. I’m sure John Lennon probably would have participated in this ad were he alive, but he isn’t and there are many people who are alive and inspirational and could have participated.

In my opinion this ad holds not more water than had they gotten a digitized Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle to do the same thing. This is not John Lennon and to say so is wrong.

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